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For preorder, distributor inquires, and investor relations, call 800-927-9771 or e-mail jay@strategy-mktg-grp.com

What is XibitPro?

XibitPro is a Patent Pending variable dimension frame system that utilizes a variable degree manual locking rotating hub coupled with strong telescopic arms and interchangeable end connectors that allows one frame to accomplish what no other system can. Now there is a smarter way to exhibit!

Why XibitPro?

  • +
    Faster set up
  • +
    Compact shipping form
  • +
    Variable dimension frame
  • +
    Create complex shapes with just one X frame
  • +
    No need for base plates or returns
  • +
    Interconnect to other systems


No other system is as scalable, as flexible or as easy to set up! The central locking hub rotates 360 degrees and locks in 5 degree increments to offer a wide range of X angles. The independent multi-position locking telescopic arms extend in 4 customizable stages from 24”-67” and the interchangeable end connectors serve as stabilizers and points of interconnection on the front, rear, top and sides.

Exhibits come complete with the desired graphic or hard panel substrate shape and size with corresponding mounting hardware, shipping case, lights and optional accessories. Resized graphic replacements come with the corresponding mounting hardware and new X frame settings.

The X unit packs down by removing the graphics and end connectors, unlocking the central hub bringing both arms parallel and relocking the hub, and retracting the telescopic arms for a compact shipping form of 48”L x 4.5”W x 3”H. All graphic mounting framing is cut to length no more than 48” for efficient pack down with the X frame and utilizes slipfit interconnectors to create final display lengths.

XibitPro can scale vertically, horizontally by connecting X frames, be backlit, affix optional accessories such as AV and product shelving, and can create complex final geometric shapes for angled and curved profile walls.


Other uses include commercial and military applications such as variable height/width desks, work benches, tables, portable shelters, portable solar and communications equipment. The list goes on.